V. Hasumantha

My daughter Hasumantha was a slow writer. From Kindergarten her teacher in school have same remark. Though she was above average scoring student, this always remained an issue. Again, she was lazy as well. After enrolling in UCMAS classes, she started improving in all ways,

not just in writing but also in studies, grasping concepts, etc. – everything improved. I have my son, who is younger to her also enrolled. He used to stutter initially. He used to complete saying sentences very slowly. Now he has improved so much, because he is able to concentrate better. Very proud that they are 90% and above in their academics.

My daughter V. Hasumantha is in Class 6, Vaishnav Bal Mandir and my son V. Sathya Narayan is in Class 4, Shree Vaishnav Academy.