UCMAS makes your child’s brain sharper. Here’s how!


Truly stated, “A sharp mind gets better at all sorts of things including but not limited to Math with the Abacus child development program.”

Do you know how fascinating our brain system is?

According to science, the brain is divided into two parts, the left, and the right hemispheres. Only 2%-3% of the brain is utilized during the lifetime. People who have given world-changing inventions are said to have utilized only 7% of the brain.

The left brain revolves around logic, language and sound identification, systematic thinking, reasoning, to name a few. The right brain, on the other side, revolves around visualization, imagination, emotions, attention, focus and creativity.

The majority of people mostly use their left brain because it controls the right hand. The right brain controls the left hand. Verbal and non-verbal are two modes of thinking represented by different hemispheres of the brain. The education system and even science in general typically neglect the non-verbal form of intellectualism.

Children whose non-verbal form of intellect is not stimulated often lose their creativity or are unable to develop such skills; even their ability to memorize gets weakened. Therefore, parents need to understand the importance of developing both sides of a child’s brain, and that’s where the UCMAS Abacus child development program also comes in the picture.

How UCMAS sharpens the brain?

The UCMAS mental math program uses Abacus as a tool and arithmetic as the base to help children develop their brain capabilities. During the practice, children are trained to use both their hands, and this stimulates both sides of the brain. It helps in enhancing the cognitive skills of children such as attention, memory, perception, etc. and also solidify their mental math calculation skills.

With the help of enhanced brain capabilities and cognitive skills, children are able to score better in overall academics, perform well in co-curricular activities and have great self-confidence.

What research says about Abacus learning?

In a research titled ‘Representing exact number visually using mental abacus’, conducted by David Barner, a Harvard University Student, it was found that children trained in Abacus have much higher IQ non-Abacus trained children.

In another research conducted in Sudan, children were presented with images and asked to estimate the number of dots, it was found that Abacus users rely less on the areas of the brain associated with language and more on those areas associated with visual memory. Abacus children used a different pattern of responses while solving Math problems and excelled.

The effects of Abacus learning on intelligence and mental computation were assessed by the Standard Progressive Metrics. Pupils who underwent Abacus training had higher IQs than non-Abacus ones. Abacus learning not only increased their scores but also reduced the time of test completion.

What UCMAS mental Math Abacus users say?

“UCMAS gave me confidence and gave me the belief that with hard work, I could achieve anything I set my mind on.” – Divye Sachdev, a UCMAS Graduate.

“UCMAS not only helped me to concentrate and focus better but increased by accuracy, speed, and memory.” – Aastha Upadhyay, a UCMAS Graduate

To register your child in UCMAS Abacus-based Brain Development Program, call: 1800-233-445566 or visit: https://bit.ly/2OUYIHF