We Don’t Tutor, We Inspire with Innovative Approach at Our Abacus Math Classes

UCMAS is not just a tutoring center, our whole-brain development program builds foundational capabilities through a series of in-class training activities conducted by our trained class instructors. Our rigorous training techniques at Abacus Math Classes are based on pedagogical design by child development experts to ensure our students can benefit from and be successful in our program.

The UCMAS program improves math skills and promotes whole brain thinking through:

Thinking in Pictures

Students boost memory power through visualization by holding numbers in their mind while handling the visual Abacus.

A Flash of Brilliance

Students create an image of the beads on their visual Abacus with the help of flash cards. Each student who completes the UCMAS program will have memorized 450,000 images.

The Need for Speed

Speed training encourages children to listen attentively and respond to questions quickly, sharpening their focus and concentration.

Building Mathematical Concepts

Manipulating the physical or virtual beads of the Abacus provides students with another frame of reference to learn mathematical concepts.

Understanding math through the Abacus inspires new perspectives: children learn to subtract by adding; to multiply without multiplying; and to perform long division problems in their head faster than most people can add two numbers together.

Our students learn techniques that will stay with them long after they’ve completed the program. Our program also supports and augments what students learn in school.

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