Nakul Goel


This is why UCMAS made me the best I could be:

How do we all think? It might seem like a difficult question but it is not.

Computers are exactly like brains. If we understand how they work we will understand how our brain works.

A computer receives input and it converts it into output. It turns all data into numbers. Ascii table is the final conversion table where every possible character from “a” to “Z” and dozens of other characters are converted to a number between 0 and 127- It later performs arithmetic operations on the data using numbers. It also performs logic operations. If x is true, y is true then x and y are true. It does this through arithmetic operations as well.

Our brain too operates fundamentally on the principles of mathematics and more specifically “arithmetic”.

How do people who make complex plans think.
They think in numbers. I will give you an example.

Let’s say I need to figure out how many weeks it will take to finish a project so I can manage all my teams. The week has 7 days, times 24 hours, that’s 168 hours, multiply that by number of team mates which is 12, that’s 2016. We can only work 2/5th of the hours in a week that’s 864. The project will take 2000 hours. Hence, we’ll have to work nearly 2.5 weeks to finish it.

Another example is coming up
With a plan to catch your flight on time. You’ll have to do a lot of arithmetic.

The faster you can come up with estimates the more complex you can plan. And at the core or estimation, or thinking, lies arithmetic. The faster you can calculate the faster you can think.

That’s why I get so much done so quick. I can finish all the homework faster than everybody.
Finish a week’s work in a few hours. Because my brain doesn’t lag. That’s because UCMAS trained my mental arithmetic to be instant. So, my brain at its very core doesn’t lag.

If you don’t want your kids to have this superpower, that’s your choice.