Nikitha Karrai

When I was first introduced to the idea of Abacus training and UCMAS at DAV Airoli in particular, I thought of it as something interesting to learn, just as one would join a dance lesson or an art class. Little did I know when I started the course, that it would have such an impact in my life that I would still be talking about it 15 years down the road. UCMAS has been something that has been extremely close to heart as it has benefitted me in ways I can’t even fathom. Until this day, the sight of a UCMAS student or a center springs me with delight.

I had always been a grade A student but it came at a price of spending a considerable amount of time preparing for my lessons, doing homework, etc. As I progressed with my training at UCMAS, I noticed that apart from getting quick at dealing with numbers, I had an overall development and growth in my complete mind development. I spent lesser time preparing for my lessons as I was able to grasp things much quicker, I had a much more logical approach to problem solving and decision making and my memory got much sharper than before. Over time I gradually moved from just being one of the top-grade students to getting ranks 1-3 in my division. I was from a CBSE school and that meant pretty lengthy and dreaded mathematics papers but very often I was able to complete my paper within 30 minutes and had plenty of time on hand to check, re-check and re-check over and over again. Sometimes it got pretty boring as there was too much time to kill! Overall, it helped me become a much confident person as I felt extremely gifted with the skills that UCMAS provided me.

Moving on to my current life, UCMAS still plays a very vital role. My job requires a lot of problem solving, rational thinking and calculations. Without needing to depend on calculators, I’m able to quickly calculate and come up with the solutions. The confidence instilled me when I was young has helped me to be where I’m today and achieve what I’ve. I would like to thank my parents, my trainers and everyone else who has been part of the wonderful journey of UCMAS. I would definitely recommend UCMAS to students and would want to make a special mention to parents out there to spend that extra time with their kids to help them practice and hone their skills and they wouldn’t regret it!

Nikitha Karrai
Games Developer / Director
Pinheads Interactive