Raghav Gupta

My name is Raghav Gupta. My UCMAS journey began when I was seven. I completed the entire course and took part in multiple state and national level competitions.

The best part about UCMAS is that it doesn’t just help you with quick mental arithmetic- it also adds to other skills of an individual such as concentration, memory, the ability to multitask and withstand pressure! All of these virtues have helped me in my personal and academic life in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

The college exam permitted us to use calculators, but people were stunned when I walked into the exam hall without one, that too on the day of the Accounts or the Maths test.

There are so many occasions when you have to do something in super quick time under pressure such as meeting a deadline for an assignment; or times when you have to speak in public or perform on stage- I see myself doing these things so much more comfortably than my peers.

Currently, I’ve cleared the CA Intermediate exams, six Actuarial exams out of which I was AIR 1 in one of the papers and cracked the CAT exam with a score of 99.96 percentile. Starting June, I’ll be in IIM Ahmedabad for my two-year MBA, and just like things, I’m sure the skills that were developed during UCMAS will help me have an edge!

To all those currently doing the UCMAS course or those who plan to, make sure you make full use of it. This is your chance to be the much coveted UCMAS child!