Rohit Barde

My name is Rohit Barde. I am pursuing my BE from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune. I had joined UCMAS when I was 8 years old and completed 10 levels when I was around 12 years of age. It was a wonderful journey of 4 years which increased my confidence and built up my personality by giving me platform to perform at National and International Level. It helped a lot through my academic career till now, securing good marks at every step of it. Also helped to manage my time and do extracurricular activities. Habit of solving a problem in given amount of time has made me do each work as fast as I can with 100% accuracy. Dictation exercise in our classes has helped me to remember the things very accurately by order.

I still go and visit and my CI  Mrs. Saroj Parkhe who has been a source of motivation and have always supported me at each stage of my life. UCMAS is not just a class of ABACUS for me but a family who has always been there to support and motivate. After I complete my engineering, I will be joining Capgemini, India as a Senior Analyst. Thank you UCMAS for all these wonderful years.