Satvik Jain

Hello everyone,
I’m Satvik … currently I am pursuing my B-Tech from IIT Delhi…and as you all know JEE advanced is one hell of a race against time…I don’t need to think twice to say how much those years of learning At UCMAS have helped me in my exams till now. Abacus has been my right hand at calculations…Today I can say confidently that I am much faster than my batchmates who still count on fingers and drag pencils to solve what I can solve mentally within seconds…all thanks to my dedicated teachers ? I’ll always be grateful…

Me and my sister participated in the UCMAS state level competition and Bagged the 2nd and the 5th runner-up positions for our centre…believe me …it’s a feeling of grandeur when you see yourself outshining among so many students competing at the cut throat competition where your rank can change in a matter of seconds… If you think you’ll be going for some competitive exams in your future…I must remind you…It’s the same situation you face in such competitive examinations…

One of the reasons I could do so well in my JEE was because of the time I could save in doing tedious calculations mentally…This extra time saved game me an extra edge over everyone else…So as Someone who has faced that competition in real life …I would really recommend everyone to try learning with this different approach of mathematics once ….Believe me ? maths would be fun… I scored 100/100 in maths in my 12th boards!!

Need more examples of success?

Why don’t you go and set the next one for others?

This was my success story✌…once again thanks to my teachers who helped me master this art …

My centre was awardee the best center award and me and my sister are glad to be a part of it

All the best