How Can Parents Raise a Confident & Competent Child?


Like the famous tennis player, Arthur Ashe said, “One important key to success is self-confidence. And an important key to self-confidence is preparation”. The same holds true in the case of children. The formative years are very critical for a child’s development. The sooner the parents start preparing them for the challenges ahead, the more confident the kids become.

Confidence is one attribute that can lead them on a path to success. The belief that they can do anything they want to do in their life or the faith that if not today it will be done tomorrow, is a fundamental attribute.

Confidence is one of the basic characteristics of human beings that vary as per the ages. A 5-year old kid’s fear of speaking in the crowd, an 8-year old kid’s distress for outdoor games or a 16-year old would be claustrophobic is a result of lack of confidence. Let’s peek at some of the few factors that would help raise confidence in children.

  • Make their own choices

    From buying clothes or toys to what they wear for a party, what hairstyle they wish to have to what healthy food they should eat, children should be taught to make their own selection as per their likes and dislikes. Parents should be aware of these small effects which may turn into a major drawback for their kids. Parents should let their children make their own age-appropriate choices. This inculcates better ‘decision making’ power in the children and make them more confident.

  • Encourage them to pursue their interests

    Praise your child when they accomplish something in their budding pursuits. We are living in a modern era where art is valued equally as science and pursuing the passion is the new dare. It might be possible that your child doesn’t score good in the main subjects but there’s nothing to worry as today an individual can even make a career in an unconventional field. Encouraging them to pursue their interests would not only build their confidence but it will push them to think differently from others.

  • Praise their achievements

    It simply means “Don’t underestimate children”;. They might come last in the class results or not finish first in all the games; but parents should never discourage them instead always applaud and appreciate their efforts. They should know that children are being molded by the good-bad life lessons, sweet-sour experiences and right-wrong understandings. When parents pat them losing a competition, children feel a sense of security and eventually, confidence is boosted.

  • Play & Learn together

    This factor can’t be overseen as it plays a vital role in injecting the determination ingredient in your child. Hiring a nanny and sending your kid for tuition doesn’t make them smart or intelligent or genius. Parents should spend quality time while their children are playing outdoor games or doing homework as it motivates them to do the best in whatever they are doing.

  • Teach resilience

    Parents should explain to their children that no one succeeds at everything all the time. The setbacks, failures and criticism should never become the hurdles for them. Children should be taught to recover from the previous learning experiences rather than dwelling on the events as disappointments. This helps children learn to trust their feelings and feel comfortable sharing them.

    UCMAS is a child development program based on Visual Arithmetic and Abacus that boosts brainpower in children aged 4-13 years. Of all the many vital skills we instill in children, confidence is one of them. Our program prepares them to improve their confidence level in their academic and overall development.