Teaching Math with Simple Everyday Things | UCMAS India
Learning is a complicated concept in itself. Every kid learns differently. Some like to learn with theories and thrive in classroom settings. Some others like to learn by implementing them in everyday life. We like to believe that every child...
Do techies of tomorrow need the foundation of a solid mental arithmetic education?
Even though the world around us is changing around us by the second, there is one thing that remains central - the human capacity to innovate and create. The brightest minds aren't only excellent creators, but they are also curious...
Activities to Increase Mental Math Skills of a Child
The term ‘mental math’ refers to the practice of calculating mentally without the use of any external device like a pen, paper, calculator, computer etc. The process of mental math learning not only improves fluency in numbers & calculations, accuracy...
Ripple Effects of Abacus Training on Children
Abacus training is a popular technique which is used to improve arithmetic skills of child. During the training, children stimulate the acupoints on their fingertips by touching beads, which further activates different lobes of both the right and the left...
Abacus Math or School Math? Which one’s better for your child?
During recent years, plenty of research have been done on child’s brain development during formative years and various strategies that can enhance child’s cognitive skills. Abacus is one of the highly regarded calculating tools, which promotes brain development while strengthening...
The Nostalgic Dialogues of Our Teachers to Rewind the Good Ol’ Days
On this teachers’ day, let’s take a trip down the memory lane of our school & college days, when teachers played a key role in not only shaping our lives, but also creating wonderful memories.No matter how long it has...
Easy Tips to Beat the Exam Heat
Summers are here and with the scorching heat come the stressful times for children who are all set to appear in their final set of exams. Parents also get nervous and are engulfed in the exam tensions. For any student,...