Abacus Math or School Math? Which one’s better for your child?


During recent years, plenty of research have been done on child’s brain development during formative years and various strategies that can enhance child’s cognitive skills. Abacus is one of the highly regarded calculating tools, which promotes brain development while strengthening math skills in children.

The finger movements of both the hands activate sensors of brain during Abacus training, thereby facilitating the functioning of the whole brain & enhancing intellectual capabilities of a child. According to experts, students with no Abacus training often struggle with math problems compared to students with Abacus training, who can solve such problems quickly.

In fact, the difference between school math and Abacus math is that many students trained in former method find difficulty in learning to solve a math problem, while children who have got Abacus training are assured and confident to solve math problems. Once the student learns Abacus technique, he or she does not need to memorize solutions or steps. Moreover, it helps to strengthen memory power since students are able to understand concepts faster and recall & them easily.

Key Benefits of Abacus Training over School Math:

  • As Abacus training stimulates various acupoints present on fingers, it acts as a significant brain simulator which results in improved brain efficiency.
  • During Abacus training, children have to focus hard during activities like speed training & flash cards, which in turn develops their speed and accuracy to find answers in short time.
  • Abacus beads need to be counted and remembered, which helps in improving memory power.
  • While learning Abacus, children have to concentrate on beads especially movement of beads. Here, they need to be extremely attentive and observe the movements without any mental distraction. So, they automatically become attentive observers.
  • Students develop expertise in problem solving skills as they are confident that what they are doing is absolutely right. This gives them confidence to solve other problems more accurately and confidently as well.
  • Interestingly, research has proven that Abacus program helps to stimulate brain that has a positive impact on calming down anxiety.
  • Child’s ability of visualization is enhanced. He or she is able to imagine Abacus beads to solve a math calculation.
  • Abacus training makes math engaging, meaningful and fun.

On a concluding note, school math focuses on improving math skills of a child, while Abacus training is for whole-brain development of a child. Thus, there are a lot of benefits that your child can secure by getting enrolled into one of the highly regarded and trusted Abacus classes.

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