Ripple Effects of Abacus Training on Children


Abacus training is a popular technique which is used to improve arithmetic skills of child. During the training, children stimulate the acupoints on their fingertips by touching beads, which further activates different lobes of both the right and the left brain. If a child undergoes insightful training under Abacus for kids program, the first effect is improvement in their focus and memory.

Abacus-trained children are found to be superior in terms of the accuracy, recalling and of course, the number of digits which they are able to memorize in comparison to non-abacus learners. As they progress in different levels, children start visualizing Abacus beads and numbers and do mental calculations without an actual use of physical Abacus. Consequently, the retention of numbers and strong memorization power is developed. Importantly, the application of the procedures employed through insightful Abacus learning plays important role here.

Abacus program also enables the learners to score higher grades especially in mathematics. Students not only develop the much-needed confidence but also strengthen their conceptual understanding of the subject. Specifically, accurate and quick calculations of numbers are made possible with Abacus which results in better marks. Students end up scoring higher on their school assignment as they need less time to work out calculations accurately. Even the tendency of solving problems in a specific form in which students utilize their Abacus calculation knowledge has been found in kids.

Apart from this, the ripple effects also include improvement in problem-solving, logical reasoning, concentration, visualization and observance abilities. Abacus also helps kids to develop self-esteem and confidence. Unquestionably, these skills are going to be building blocks of child’s future life.

UCMAS Abacus maths program revolves around the idea of boosting brain power in children while strengthening their math skills, confidence, concentration and creativity as well. Interestingly, the program equips children with the skills which they need to improve their academic performance in all subject areas as well as in life. Get in touch with UCMAS today and see how math programs for kids can add value in your child’s life!