What role do abacus classes play in a child’s development?


With advancements in technology, children are increasingly getting hooked on smart devices and gadgets. They are constantly stimulated by these devices which have led to attention deficit, a decline in learning and an overall degradation in brain development. Parents have recognized this problem and they are turning to the 2000-year-old device, abacus, for improving their cognition and brain power.

Abacus classes are becoming widely popular as the demand for brain development takes a plunge upward. Abacus is not just a tool for calculation anymore; it has become an instrument of child development which offers numerous cognitive benefits. Researches have also shown that abacus can help improve memory, concentration and a child’s overall performance in academics and life.

The benefits of abacus classes for children

While math classes can help children get better at math, abacus learning covers a broader horizon which includes math proficiency as well as whole brain development. They teach children how to solve complex math problems with the help of abacus beads. It makes math easier and stimulates a child’s brain to learn better.

  • Children who learn Abacus calculations can easily conquer their fear of math. It enables them to confidently solve math questions in exams. This newly developed confidence also helps them to ace at other subjects in school.
  • Abacus learning sharpens a child’s memory and helps children to remember lessons for a long time. They can easily retain, and recall information related to the subjects which makes them better in academics.
  • During Abacus training, children are made to solve math calculations in speed and with accuracy. This helps children in developing concentration skills over a period of time in Abacus classes.

Abacus is a great tool that keeps children engaged in learning. By learning through the beads, different organs & acupoints of a child are stimulated which help in boosting their brain power. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, abacus learning also leads to child development by improving a child’s visualization skills, logical reasoning, self-discipline, and offers many other benefits for success in school and life.  UCMAS is a globally leading holistic brain development program for children which provides abacus classes to children for improving their math skills and overall performance.