Understanding Abacus: The ancient tool for the success of today’s children


Often referred to as the first computer, the Abacus is an ancient tool used for basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and square roots. It consists of beads that can be moved on vertically aligned rods, which make the Abacus a playful yet extremely helpful way of teaching. This is a major reason why abacus for kids is gaining wide acceptance from scholars and parents all over the world since it encourages children to learn math while maintaining interest through playfulness.

But how does Abacus learning make children successful?

In Abacus learning, children learn to manipulate the beads to perform various math calculations. These movements activate acupoints on the fingers, which are further related to various lobes on right & left side of the brain. Thus, when children join an abacus academy to learn counting by beads, they not only excel in math but also develop key cognitive skills by stimulation of brain.

  • Abacus learning develops memory power in children. By stimulating the right brain with mental arithmetic, and in combination with the alertness of the eyes, ears and hands, the ability to store and recall information is developed. When asked to perform calculations, children can, therefore, quickly do it mentally as they can now visualize numbers and perform mathematical operations in the mind.
  • As children progress in abacus learning, they’re able to breakdown complex problems into simple calculations. They develop better memory retention, visualization and problem-solving skills by now, and arithmetic becomes easier with better performance in school.
  • Abacus for kidsis a scientifically-researched technique that can teach them basic to advanced mathematics. With each stage, they develop cognitive skills like concentration, creativity, self-confidence, multitasking, and many more, which are crucial to their success in academics and beyond.

Abacus was the first tool that made calculations simpler for the modern man. Today, along with math skills, Abacus training can escalate brain development in children. Children who are adept in Abacus calculations have been found to have better IQ than children of similar age and grade. Present in 80+ countries, UCMAS is the global leader in abacus education that can kickstart your child’s journey to lifelong success in a fun and engaging way. Register your child today!