The Nostalgic Dialogues of Our Teachers to Rewind the Good Ol’ Days

On this teachers’ day, let’s take a trip down the memory lane of our school & college days, when teachers played a key role in not only shaping our lives, but also creating wonderful memories.

No matter how long it has been, we still look back and cherish our moments with our teachers. They made us smile, laugh, cry, proud and sometimes also sent shivers down our spine. Let’s revisit some of the common dialogues, all our teachers simply loved and used during our classes.

To all the teachers, the times with you have been not only memorable, but truly life-changing. You’ve molded us, inspired and instilled values and knowledge that still continue to enrich our lives. You all are remarkable in not only shaping our lives, but shaping the course of entire communities, countries and the World.

On this Teacher’s Day we thank you for all that you do!