Do techies of tomorrow need the foundation of a solid mental arithmetic education?

Why mental arithmetic or mental math is critical for a child’s future. Blog by UCMAS – offering mental math classes to kids.

Even though the world around us is changing around us by the second, there is one thing that remains central – the human capacity to innovate and create. The brightest minds aren’t only excellent creators, but they are also curious consumers. Big tech wonders of tomorrow are not one day’s job. The preparation starts years before. That is why, knowing what to teach your child and how to prepare him for a lustrous future, especially in the times of rapidly changing technology is so important.

Early preparations for a great career in tech fields start with good brain development activities. Contrary to common belief, it isn’t just scientific and analytical know-how but a creative outset that helps kids develop the necessary skills. It is important to do more than just what’s on the curricula. One lucrative ability for kids to develop is to be able to visualize numbers.

Mental arithmetic helps them do exactly that. Quite notably, this skill does not only help kids thrive academically, but helps them become smarter in their day to day activities. For example a quick calculation of how much distance and time is left to reach the destination, how many more runs are needed to win a match etc. Simple things, but they help develop problem-solving abilities and fight the fear of math classes.

UCMAS has been a known and successful name in the world of innovative education for quite some years now. Our students learn how to perform the toughest mental math calculations, without a calculator or even a pen. The success of our students makes us believe in the importance of the right mentorship and the right pedagogical activities that could help contribute to overall child development. A solid preparation that helps kids in any career they choose later in life.

So, to answer the question, not only the techies of tomorrow but the innovators of tomorrow need the boost of a good mental math education. You never know where the next Einstein is hiding!

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