Activities to Increase Mental Math Skills of a Child

Know interesting ways to develop a child’s mental math skills. Visit UCMAS mental math classes where children learn mental arithmetic using Abacus.

The term ‘mental math’ refers to the practice of calculating mentally without the use of any external device like a pen, paper, calculator, computer etc. The process of mental math learning not only improves fluency in numbers & calculations, accuracy and flexibility but also sharpens visualization, concentration and memory power in children. The role of mental arithmetic goes well-beyond and is not just about enhancing math capabilities.

The majority of children find it difficult to deal with Mathematics subject due to various reasons. Some of them already have developed a sense of fear for the subject; others struggle to understand its concepts; many of them simply are not exposed to the right learning methodology and environment. If the entire process of learning involves effective teaching methodology, fun elements and a great level of comfort, children will not only master their mental arithmetic skills but also develop a sense of self-confidence that they need to score well in academics.

Here are some exciting mental math games for practice and review:

1. Estimation games

Introducing fun and challenging games can be a great way to develop mental math skills. A popular estimation game involves two dices and paper. Two columns are supposed to made in which one has the value of dice and the other column can have numbers of choice.

For Example.

Dice Value Number
1 265
2 135
3 691
4 524
5 985
6 88

Students can be paired in two and each can roll the dice. They should add the corresponding numbers in their mind. For e.g. – if students have got dice value 4 and 4, they should add 524 + 88. Use of a calculator, pen, paper is not allowed. The team with maximum correct answers wins.

2. Math Jeopardy

In this activity, children are given a paper and a number is said to them. Children are supposed to find as many possible to make the number using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For e.g., if you give the number 180, the possible ways to arrive at that number can be 90 x 2, 360 / 2, 100 + 80, 45 x 4 etc.

3. Math apps and websites

Children can be encouraged to use math apps and websites that offer interesting mental math activities. Some popular names include Prodigy Game and Math is fun. Because of interesting graphics and reward points, children can get attracted to such apps and websites and simultaneously improve their mental math skills

4. Abacus math classes

Instead of traditional math classes, parents must consider enrolling their children in a widely recognized and proven UCMAS Abacus and mental arithmetic child development program.

Apart from boosting brainpower, the program helps to establish foundational building blocks such as creativity, memory, concentration and problem-solving skills. Such programs include customized pedagogical methodologies to help children strengthen their concepts, grasp information accurately, act on it confidently, and develop a love for life-long learning.

You can also help your child develop some amazing mental math skills. Register him/her in UCMAS – World’s number 1 Abacus-based mental math program for children aged 4-13 years.

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