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Discover what makes mental math or Abacus math important for your child. Visit UCMAS Abacus Classes for more info.

For many children, it is difficult to focus for more than a few minutes on studies or any other task. This is quite natural. But good concentration power is essential to score well in academics, perform better in sports and be committed to the learning process.

Abacus math or Mental math is the practice of doing calculations in the head, without using pen, paper, calculator or other devices. Children are trained in mental math with the help of Abacus – an ancient calculating device. Mental math multiplies a child’s brain capabilities, which is reflected in their overall academic and co-curricular activities performance. Students who master mental math or abacus math skills experience benefits beyond Mathematics.

Early childhood is the best time to start attending Abacus classes. During the early age, brain development is fastest and the child can instil lifelong mental math skills. When children use hands to move beads on the Abacus tool, their right and left sides of the brain are stimulated. Consistent practice results in the whole brain development that facilitates enhanced mental capacity.

Take a quick glance at some of the benefits of Abacus maths training:

Day-to-day Life:

Abacus maths training through a well-designed program and proven strategy is useful in everyday life. When children develop fluency in Mathematical concepts, they start applying the knowledge in completing their day to day tasks; relevance of the subject is universal.

The process of Abacus maths training contributes to the development and improvement of concentration, creativity, visualization and memory power as well. A confident and focused child makes sure that all his or her activities such as schoolwork, homework, outdoor games, household chores, etc. in a day are as productive as possible.

Competitive Exams:

It is the age of competitive exams. Individuals must crack them to take a step or leap in their academic life and career. To succeed in difficult exams, one needs to have certain skills apart from subject knowledge and good experience. One is required to have strong concentration skills to be an active part of exams, competitions and events.

Most importantly, a great level of confidence is needed. Confidence, if developed from early childhood through Abacus mental math program, will always encourage a child to participate, make efforts, think positive and succeed.

Observation Skills:

Mental math training is known to be beneficial in terms of improving observation skills in children. This is because when a child is in Abacus classes, he or she is required to keenly hear the instructions and observe movements of hands using beads displayed by Abacus trainers; it is impossible to understand Math concepts and solve problems without remaining focused during these sessions.

As children start nurturing the habit of observing situations and patterns, they start using these skills to stay focused on their academics and day to day life. The result is obvious.

Mental math applications are numerous:

Real-life applications of mental math are in abundance from algebra, numerical analysis, equations, research to statistics. These components are integral parts of activities and processes that individuals undergo during their lifetime. Mental Math training makes children proficient at the subject, but it plays a significant role in helping children to proactively tackle each phase of life and succeed.

You can also help your child develop some amazing abacus math skills so that they can make the most out of it in their lives. UCMAS is the World’s number 1 Abacus math program for children aged 4-13 years.

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