How Do Children Benefit from Mental Arithmetic Training?

Know how UCMAS Abacus mental arithmetic program can help a child develop critical skills and attain lifelong success.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic refers to the practice of doing calculations in the head without using any calculator, device, or tools. After grasping math concepts and visualizing numbers, children are able to make correct calculations in their minds without writing down numbers. Children who master Abacus Maths techniques are more likely to succeed, not just in academics but also in their life.

Why Should Your Child Learn Mental Arithmetic?

  • It stimulates brainpower

The left side of the brain helps to perform tasks related to logic like Mathematics and Science. But the right side performs duties related to creativity, visualization, and the arts.

Abacus mental arithmetic practice, involving mental calculations, stimulates both the right and the left hemispheres of the brain, leading to whole-brain development.

  • Better understanding of math concepts

Mental Math helps a child in understanding mathematics concepts instead of simply memorizing them. Through insightful mental math programs, children are taught the concepts deeply and thus can solve math problems more accurately and confidently. If concepts are defined and understood well, children also get rid of their math fear.

  • Reduction in errors

Mental Math is logical. Studies have proven that students who learn Mental Math skills solve Mathematics problems mentally first. There are fewer possibilities of errors because children are deeply aware of the numbers and how they function.

So, children are less likely to make the type of mistakes that they do while doing Math calculations. It also ensures excellent problem-solving skills, which children can use not just in math, but also in other subjects of school and situations in life.

  • Strengthening of visualization power

Mental arithmetic enables children to visualize numbers and make calculations mentally. The process helps children to strengthen their visualization skills, which will also help them to succeed in different phases of life. Students can make use of this enhanced visualization power in other subjects like science, arts, etc., and excel in overall academics.

Abacus or Mental Arithmetic sessions also revolve around the idea of strengthening the concentration power of a child.

  • Math is fun

The concept of Abacus Maths itself makes the process of learning fun, contrary to traditional and monotonous ways which are unable to trigger fun element. The concepts taught through proven techniques, interesting methods, and a pleasing environment, will make a child feel more excited about the subject.

Across the globe, UCMAS has successfully trained more than 3 million children in mental math. With unique techniques, UCMAS training helps sharpen mental formation, memory power, and conceptual understanding of maths in children.

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