6 Tips to Help Your Child Become Excellent Learner | UCMAS India

Discover 6 tips for instilling lifelong love for learning from UCMAS Child Development Program based on Abacus mental math.


Developing an interest in learning is the foundation of excellence in academics. Subject knowledge is something which experienced teachers and instructors will surely impart. But, the art of learning which revolves around many aspects like enthusiasm, curiosity, confidence, concentration, creativity, memory and visualization, can be learnt through dedicated child development programs like Abacus mental Math, robotics etc.

Here are six tips that can help your child develop a lifelong love for learning.

1. Develop a reading habit

Reading has been the most important habit of highly successful people. Reading helps children to enhance their vocabulary, improve their language skills, stimulate imagination and creativity, and improve academic performance.

From novels to plays, newspapers to magazines, storybooks to posters, and even general knowledge literature, books of several topics can be introduced to kids. It will help lay the foundation of life-long reading skills.

2. Find their favourite learning style

Different children embrace unique learning styles. Some learning styles involve demonstration or hands-on practice while others include visual, listening, speaking and interacting sessions.

Parents need to find out which learning style is the most effective for their child, which can be further capitalized in future tutoring sessions.

3. Allow free expressions & communication.

It is essential to encourage your child to express his or her opinion or views about different subjects and knowledge gained. If the concept has been explored in a book, discussions on it can take place which will invite a child’s perspectives.

Good learners often are made assured that their education and intellectual experience are significant to the world.

4. Focus on their interests

Learning becomes fun when children are allowed to explore topics and subjects that fascinate them. Also, parents can introduce game-based education to facilitate a deeper understanding of the concepts and encouragement for further learning.

5. Promote problem-solving capability

Instead of showing children what to do, they should be allowed to figure out their ways and encourage their understanding. They should be given the freedom to explore and learn by themselves.

Even if they fail or make a mess, it should be considered to be a part of the learning process and encouraged to make mistakes.

6. Get rid of math fear

Many children face difficulties in math. However, success & proficiency in math is vital for cognitive skill development of a child. Getting rid of math fear will go a long way in the overall growth and success of a child.

Abacus Mental Math program has a proven track record in developing math skills of a child, which parents can surely consider.

UCMAS Abacus Mental Math program also serves as a holistic child development program. Along with excellent math skills, the program develops several skills like concentration, memory, creativity, observation, logical reasoning and analysis. To register your child: visit https://bit.ly/2OUYIHF