Can Abacus be learnt at home? – Here’s a definite answer.


It is a known and proven fact that children who have completed Abacus training programs have a higher IQ and enhanced cognitive skills, giving them an advantage over non-Abacus children who adhered to traditional learning methodologies. Abacus-trained students are more likely to succeed in higher education, competitive exams and professional careers in the future.

Parents understand the importance of Abacus training, but also have this question – “Can Abacus be learnt at home by a child?” Although basic and simple calculations can be learnt at home or online, it is completely outweighed by the advantages a child receives if he/she learns Abacus in a class where experienced teachers lead the training. Here are some more benefits of attending an Abacus math class.

1) Access to Experienced Teachers

There are experienced and exciting Abacus teachers dedicated to helping a child to solve difficult math problems with ease at eminent Abacus or otherwise known as mental arithmetic classes. They build a good rapport with the children, understand their mindset and accordingly train. Access to such trained and skilled Abacus teachers is not possible at home.

2) Lack of Abacus Training Methods

Customized training methodologies crafted by knowledgeable teachers revolve around the idea of making Abacus learning interesting for kids and also increasing their curiosity to discover more. These Abacus or mental arithmetic techniques employed have been designed after spending years in the education field. At home, it’s nearly impossible to learn or develop learning techniques.

3) Dedicated Practice

Instructors are committed and professionally trained. With their dedicated patience, they make a child practice and solidify his or her foundation before moving ahead. Such regular practice of Abacus-based mental math is not possible at home.

4) Exposure to Different Activities

There are different types of competitions organized, followed by regular assessments, certificates or rewards, by best Abacus math classes. All the children are encouraged to participate. They actively engage in various activities, learn from their peers, observe others performing tasks successfully, and develop self-confidence. Exposure to such activities cannot be availed by a child if they are learning at home.

Even if there is a possibility of learning Abacus online or at home, it is advisable to choose Abacus class of high eminence especially those which have earned credibility and have an established track record. Their programs go beyond the stated purpose in the sense that child strengthens creativity, concentration and critical thinking abilities through fun-filled activities which children are bound to miss at homes.

Established in 1993 in Malaysia, UCMAS has established itself as the World’s leading Abacus mental math training program for children aged 4-13 years. The program has trained 3 million+ children in more than 80 countries. For more information, call: 1800-233-445566 or visit your nearest UCMAS Abacus math class.